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Over 500 titles available!

  • Seraphim Six offers recordings and digital editions of liturgical chant within the tradition of the Orthodox Christian Church, including both a variety of musical traditions and new compositions, that sing beautifully in English. The collection includes music for Vespers, Matins, and Divine Liturgy for the Sunday Eight-Tone Cycle, all major feast days, as well as music from other services.
  • In addition to our own editions we offer sheet music from St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, featuring music from PASCHA:The Resurrection of Christ, which is currently out-of-print.
  • Music from PSALM Music Press is also available for individual download, including the ever-popular Fr. Sergei Glagolev Selected Orthodox Choral Works, Vol. 1.
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Payment Method

  • Payment can currently be made with Paypal.  All sheet music is available for a nominal fee with a license to make copies for your parish or organization. Before you shop, please read our Sheet Music Licensing and Pricing Policy, in order to understand our approach to digital downloads.

Searching for Music

  • When looking for titles, please choose a main category and a sub-category to narrow your search.



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