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Licensing and Pricing

Purchasing sheet music supports the work of composers,
arrangers and publishers, and enables them to continue creating.


Seraphim Six uses a unique licensing structure designed for digital distribution. You may purchase either a “Liturgical License” or “Performance License”. See below for details of each.

Note: “Liturgical” specifically means for use within a church service. All other live performance use would fall under the “performance” license. All other uses, including any type of recording license/permission require a different license which may be obtained by contacting, either support@seraphim6.com or if appropriate, one of our other publishers directly.

Liturgical License

This type of license is for use during actual church services, and authorizes you to make the necessary copies for your parish choir. Please do not share copies with other organizations or parishes. All fees fund the creation and availability of additional products.

Performance License

This type of license is for any use outside of a church service, such as a concert. Each license authorizes you to make five (5) copies. Additional licenses for five (5) copies can be purchased at the same time or a later date by updating the quantity. For example, for a performance choir with 100 members you would purchase 20 licenses.

Licensing and Pricing Philosophy

Our goal is to provide choirs with easier access to excellent editions of sheet music, and the ability to copy as specified by the type of license and usage outlined below. Prices have been set to reflect the effort per score required to produce an excellent product and make it available. Newly composed music may have a higher price point to encourage creativity and to support the work of living composers.

Our unique licensing structure is designed for digital distribution. You may purchase either a “Liturgical License” or “Performance License”.

Other Uses

To obtain a Mechanical License for recording purposes, or for any other use, contact us at support@seraphim6.com.


Each piece is cross-referenced, as applicable,and can be located in a variety of ways.


Seraphim Six editions are mostly in modern English. Sources vary. Other Publishers may use different translations. Contact us with questions regarding translations.


If any errors are found in our editions, please contact us, so we can correct them!

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