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Our Philosophy

“The psalm which occurred just now in the office blended all voices together, and caused one single fully harmonious chant to arise; young and old, rich and poor, women and men, slaves and free, all sang one single melody… All the inequalities of social life are here banished. Together we make up a single choir in perfect equality of rights and expression, whereby earth imitates heaven. Such is the noble character of the Church.” *10

— St. John Chrysostom, Homily 5, cited by Fr. Theodore Pulcini, Dialogue (The WORD, Jan. 1992), p. 31.

Liturgical Singing: Beautiful, Participatory and Evangelical

We believe that the singing of the liturgical services is a corporate act of prayer, led by the choir/chanters. The structure of the liturgy provides opportunities for the assembled faithful to join in the singing at various times, and we strive to provide musical settings that enable this active participation: music that is beautiful, meaningful, melodic, and easy to sing.

As conductors, singers, composers, arrangers, and editors we make every effort to make the texts of the liturgical hymns understandable for both the singers and the faithful.

We believe in giving God our best effort and want the liturgical services to reflect that in our singing. It is our desire and prayer that the faithful and any guests experience the beauty of God as reflected in our worship and are drawn into relationship with Him.

* St. Basil the Great, Exegetic Homilies. Homily 10 (1, 2). B# CUA Vol. 46, pp. 151-154, cited by Johanna Manley, Grace for Grace: The Psalter and the Holy Fathers (Menlo Park, California: Monastery Books), p. 2.
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